Advisory Board

An Advisory Board was established to provide advice and feedback on project decisions and direction, via liaison with the Project Board. The Advisory Board comprises balanced profiles of utmost importance for the TackSHS project. The following Experts have committed to joining the TackSHS Advisory Board, and have provided letters of support for the project.

Armando Peruga

Armando Peruga, MD, MPH, PhD. Scientist at the Center of Epidemiology and Health Policy, School of Medicine, Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago de Chile). Former Programme Manager of the Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) of the World Health Organization (Geneva). Dr. Peruga is an expert in chronic diseases, with wide knowledge of public policies for tobacco control.

Dan Smyth

Dan Smyth, BSc, retired banker, sleep apnoea sufferer and patient advocate. He is Chair of the European Lung Foundation. Mr. Smyth is a patient advocate, and the ever first patient sitting at the Executive Committee of the European Respiratory Society, thus warranting the patients’ vision in the TackSHS project.

Ana Navas-Acién

Ana Navas-Acién, MD, MPH, PhD, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University, New York. Dr. Navas-Acién is a medical and environmental epidemiologist, with expertise in risk-assessment and the evaluation of smoke-free laws worldwide. Read more.

James Repace

James Repace, MSc, biophysicist, is and an international secondhand smoke expert. Mr. Repace was the pioneer scientist investigating SHS exposure and its health effects, developing part of the techniques currently in use. Read more.