Management Structure

The management structure of the TackSHS project has been planned to guarantee that progress against timetable is precisely measured. Thus, variations to schedules can be recognized in advance and tackled in an appropriate manner. This coordination and management structure has been developed according to three related objectives:

  1. to execute decision-making, quality control, and conflict resolution mechanisms,
  2. to offer timely and efficient contractual, scientific, financial, and administrative coordination of the Project, and
  3. to ensure appropriate, accurate, and high-quality execution of the Project

With the majority of partners having been active in large international projects, including SANCO,
FP6, and FP7 projects, the Consortium harbours an extensive collective expertise and experience in the management and operations of large research and implementation projects. The partners worked together extensively in the past and the majority of them are currently collaborating in other projects, which is a considerable advantage to propose and carry out together a big project such as the Tack- SHS. The project design takes into account the complexity of the research with a view to maximizing the integration across WPs. The project has also been designed taking into account the different scientific disciplines and a decision-making structure. A specific WP (WP1) is appointed to deal with the overall management and scientific coordination of the project as a whole.

A summary of the coordination and management structure is illustrated in the figure below:

Coordinator Project manager Project Board WP leaders Advisory Board WP 01 WP 02 WP 03 WP 04 WP 05 WP 06 WP 07 WP 08 WP 09 WP 10 WP 07