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This project has received support from the European Union's Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Program.
This project has received support from the European Union’s Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Program.

A Guide to Help You Come Up with Interesting Essay Topics for GDE
Passing a GED exam needs many efforts. Every student wants to grade well in their SAT and GDE exams because this decides much about their future. Certain universities ask for SAT scores and GDE grading when granting admission to the students. Students, who cannot afford their studying expenses for some reason, try to earn scholarships to meet their tuition fees. These scholarships are also granted based on GDE and SAT scores. Many students feel stuck when they need to write an essay during their GDE exam. It is because of various reasons. History tutor on the choose your personal history tutor

The top reason is that they do not have any experience with the GDE papers
The other major reason is that they do not have a topic in their mind and spend long time in thinking about the topic
They do not have enough practice of writing essays
They have no clue what kind of topic will suit this essay
It is okay to be worried about your GDE essay topics. If you think you need help then you should not hesitate. Millions of students look for help when it comes to topic selection for a GDE exam. What you need to do, is to read past papers and find out the best essay prompts. Try to create topics on your own and see the marking criteria. You will observe what key elements you need to include in your topic. You will also observe the ideal length and structure for your topic.

It is very important that the topic you choose for the essay is fresh and unique. Avoid copying other people’s ideas as your own topic. You can only engage your audience when you talk about something interesting and trending.

Brainstorming is one way to think of recent and innovative ideas for the essay topic. You will find different ideas and you can choose the one that makes perfect sense and suits your knowledge base.

Sample essay topics for GDE exams
Here are a few essay topics from experts from which you can get an idea for your own essay

What are the outcomes of domestic violence on young minds?
Should there be a huge penalty on cell phone usage while driving?
What is the best way to keep workforce motivated in a company?
How successful is the labor turnover rate in judging the loyalty of the employees?