External Ethics Advisor – Fèlix Bosch

In order to oversee the ethical concerns involved in the TackSHS project, an External Ethics Advisor of the project was assigned – Fèlix Bosch. The EEA will be available for direct consultancy from the WP leaders, the project manager, and the project board. He will be invited, to participate in the Project Board meetings. Each year, the EEA will produce a report that will be submitted to the European Commission with the Project’s periodic reports.

Fèlix Bosch, MD, PhD is director of the Esteve Foundation and Associate Lecturer in the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He had a post-grad in Pharmaceutical Medicine and in Pharmacology. He participated in teaching and research activities at the university, carried out in parallel with his professional work in institutions of pharmacological research. Ethics in research and ethics in publication have been two present issues in several international workshops, lectures and discussion groups that he organized from the Esteve Foundation. He was also coordinator of training courses for members of research ethics committees. As a result of all this professional activity, he has around one hundred of publications.

Project’s Data Controller – Yolanda Castellano

In compliance with Directive 95/46/EC and with article 29 working group 8/2010 opinion, a Project’s Data Controller was designated by the Project Board. The data controller tasks are:

  • to determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. In particular, the PDC has the duties of ensuring the quality of data and of notifying the processing operation to the EEA and the DMB
  • to ensure the security measures protecting the data are in place
  • to stays in touch with the Data Controllers of each participant institution
  • to assure data compliance of the data processes for the overall project

Yolanda Castellano is TackSHS Data Controller. Yolanda holds a Degree in Statistical Sciences and Techniques from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, 2008) and a Master in Public Health from the University Pompeu Fabra and Autonomous University of Barcelona (UPF-UAB, 2010). She worked as a statistician and epidemiologist in several projects in the field of addictions, most of which have been developed at the Public Health Agency of Barcelona from 2005 until 2013. She is the author of about a dozen of scientific publications and conference papers.