Work Package 09

Attributable mortality and morbidity to secondhand smoke in Europe

We will conduct a literature review on attributable mortality and morbidity to secondhand smoke (SHS), with a special focus on Europe, searching articles in PubMed and other current research engines. In particular, it will be very useful to collect articles and data for morbidity attributable to SHS, since there are few available data on this topic. Then we will update the list of health effects and their corresponding relative risks (RR) or odds rations (OR) in terms of mortality and morbidity causally linked to SHS. In order to estimate attributable mortality and morbidity to SHS, we will collect mortality (asthma, lung cancer, heart attacks in adults; lower respiratory infections, otitis media, asthma in children) and morbidity (low birth weight, middle ear infections in children, asthma induction and exacerbation in children, bronchitis and pneumonia in children aged <18 months) figures from EU-28 of SHS-related diseases and figures of prevalence of exposure to SHS in the EU-28 population. We will actively collaborate with other TackSHS partners in order to obtain these data from various sources.

The WP outputs will consist of a technical report that will be used by WP10 to produce the econometric models on the economic burden of SHS exposure, and a scientific paper.

WP9 is managed by Istituto per lo Studio e la Prevenzione Oncologica.