Work Package 11

Dissemination of project findings

This WP focuses on the dissemination of the project progress and findings. The following actions are performed within this WP:

  1. The project webpage is developed to present all details concerning the project, its implementation and its findings will be made available for the public and scientists and regularly updated. This requires a clear understanding of the communication needs and objectives before elaborating and developing the webpage.
  2. We will set up a network of policy makers, professionals and other stakeholders involved in tobacco control, including e-cigarettes, chronic respiratory diseases and health inequalities potentially interested in contributing to the project via e.g. their counselling on the priorities and the questions to be addressed, on the interpretation of the project results, or on the recommendations to be formulated.
  3. We will organise an interim workshop where the Advisory Board, experts and stakeholders will be involved to evaluate the approaches and the first results of the project, and to make recommendations for further work. In this frame we will also support the Coordinator in the elaboration of the contents of the workshop, including presentation of the project objectives, proposed priorities, and questions to be addressed, and in the preparation of a report on the workshop, with accurate documentation of the responses of stakeholders, and implications for the work plan.
  4. We will organise the final project conference where the final findings of the project will be presented. In this frame we will support the Coordinator in the elaboration of the content and in the preparation of a report on the conference.
  5. We will investigate the possibilities to produce written and audio-visual materials (like “video capsules“ of 1-2 minutes with key information of the project for patients, scientists, and the public) and use other varied forms of communications to promote awareness of the project results to organisations involved in the field of tobacco control, health promotion, and public health.

WP11 is managed by the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention.