Work Package 02

Environmental assessment of SHS exposure in private settings and outdoor settings according to country-specific smoke-free policies and socioeconomic characteristics

This WP focuses on the environmental measurement of secondhand tobacco smoke in non-regulated settings such as private settings and outdoor settings in 11 strategically selected European countries.

Selected countries are: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and the UK, representing geographical, legislative and cultural variations across Europe, as also selected for WP3. The vapour phase nicotine to be measured in a variety of settings including open and private places in which smoke-free legislation does not apply in most countries (children playgrounds, terraces of cafeterias and restaurants, homes, cars, entrances where smokers concentrate).

The main products resulting from this WP2 will include a methodological protocol, a final technical report, two scientific papers based on the main results obtained in this WP, and a guide of policy recommendations for policy makers and health authorities.

WP2 is managed by The Public Health Agency of Barcelona.