Work Package 08

Secondhand exposure to emissions from electronic cigarettes: personal and environmental assessment in confined spaces

This WP will focus on passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions in a stepped-way. Firstly, we will perform a systematic review the existing peer-reviewed literature on passive exposure to e-cigarettes, to identify the main results to date, along with characteristics, strengths, and limitations of the research conducted.

The experiments will be conducted in Catalonia (Spain) and the observational study in Catalonia (Spain), Italy, Scotland (UK), and Greece (25 e-cigarettes users and 5 non-smokers in each country). Whereas some exposure to SHS by the volunteers is necessary, the study will ensure that participants and research staff are not exposed to unnecessary SHS.

The results of the systematic review and experiments will be published in 3 research papers and the conclusions will contribute, together with conclusions derived from WP6 (Clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions in the respiratory system) and WP7 to characterise e-cigarettes emissions in a Fact Sheet addressed to consumers and patients with chronic lung diseases.

WP8 is managed by the Catalan Institute of Oncology.