Work Package 06

Clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions on the respiratory system

In WP6, we will conduct a laboratory based intervention study of cross-over design. Three trial arms will be performed (no exposure vs. low e-cigarette exposure vs. high e-cigarette exposure) with each subject participating in each of the three trial arms. The exposure protocols to be implemented in each trial arm will be based on the combinations of e-cigarette exposure parameters such as puff volume, draw, voltage, cartridge used, and exposure duration, identified at the beginning of the WP. In total, 120 person-exposures will take place (3 trial-arms x 40 adults) during the duration of this project, leading to 240 pre+post measurements. Recruitment will take place within a community setting in Athens among healthy non-smoker volunteers. Exposures will take place within a standardised exposure chamber successfully used with similar protocols for exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke from conventional cigarettes by our research team.

Whereas some exposure to SHS by the volunteers is necessary, the study will ensure that participants and research staff are not exposed to unnecessary SHS. Within WP6 we will produce a final report summarizing the main findings of the WP and at least two manuscripts for peer reviewed journals (one on the pulmonary function and one on the exhaled breath condensate analyses). Finally WP6 will also provide policy relevant information relative to e-cigarettes to the Dissemination WP11.

WP6 is managed by the George D. Behrakis Research Lab, Hellenic Cancer Society.

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